Wes Osterbur - Opa's Custom Woodworking

Wes Osterbur, owner and proprietor, Opa's Custom Woodworking (Wisconsin)


For over 40 years, Wes Osterbur has been designing and building beautiful custom furniture.

At Opa's Custom Woodworking, a combination of incredible attention to detail and master craftsmanship result in heirloom-quality, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. From tables where families gather for countless meals, to rocking chairs where dozens of storybooks are read to eager grandkids, Wes creates not just furniture, but memories for generations to come.

Opa's Custom Woodworking offers design and build services. Wes specializes in making pieces to match or add to a favorite piece of furniture a client already has. Along with making new furniture, Wes also restores and refinishes clients sentimental favorite pieces of furniture.

As a small independent furniture maker, Wes offers uniqueness and attention to detail that cannot be found in commercially-made furniture.

Materials & Service

The rocking chairs and furniture by Opa's Custom Woodworking are crafted from your choice of walnut, cherry, maple, and other domestic hardwoods. Exotic woods may be chosen to create striking accents.

Wes especially enjoys making creating rocking chairs that are custom made to fit the individual. Wes takes clients' measurements and builds and styles each chair accordingly. The back of the chair molds itself to the body for a luxuriously comfortable feel. See examples of these beautiful chairs and learn more about the design process.

To ensure the highest quality craftsmanship, Wes does all of the design and construction work for each project. Wes always focuses on creating a piece that will last for generations.

Contact Wes today with any questions you have about working with Opa's Custom Woodworking for a beautiful and quality-crafted project!